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The Pima County Sheriffs Department is losing its diversity.  In the last 4 years the current Sheriff has promoted over 40 deputies. Of those promoted, only two were people of color.  Of those 40 plus promoted, only two were female.  His hiring practices haven’t been much better.

The PCSD is losing its diversification, and it can only be attributed to those in power...specifically, the Sheriff. As things unfold in Glynn County Georgia with the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, to see the harm in such a loss of diversity, one need not look any further than Ferguson, Mo.  

When talking about diversification within an organization, training plays a large role.  There needs to be two types of training:  one that teaches officers about their implicit biases, or stereotypes they form unconsciously, and another that teaches officers that if they are more respectful to the public, they will build community trust and justice. It’s how we treat people that matters most.

However, when we speak of racial bias in policing, the greatest impact comes from the culture within the organization.  Attitude from the top of an organization sets that cultural tone.  Managers set expectations and policies, and supervise officers.  They carry great weight with respect to influencing others, and that influence can be far reaching.  Our current Sheriff mocks community policing efforts of other agency heads  and has often times made remarks in front of his own command staff that reflect a racial bias.  Elections have consequences...your vote matters!  Vote Nanos for Sheriff.


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