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If we’ve learned anything from the current Sheriff, it’s that education alone is not enough. Experience, life’s education, can sometimes be worth more than academia. It’s through life’s experiences that we gain some of the best education possible.

I spent 20 years as a street cop before I worked my way up through the ranks. I spent another 20 years in a command role serving in various managerial positions and leadership roles throughout the organization. I’m proud of all that I’ve accomplished, and I’m always learning.

I came from a family of 10. My dad was a mechanic at a small garage and my mom stayed home and raised all the kids. She was not only the mom, but the disciplinarian, the cook, the housekeeper, the rock and cornerstone of our family. My parents have both passed, but they left this earth knowing they did all they could for us kids. They never could afford to give us much in material things, and they certainly couldn’t afford to send us to college.

However, what they did provide us with were the tools needed to get by in life. Traits like character, integrity, and the value of being honest, not just to others, but more importantly, to oneself. My parents taught us that being honest to oneself is what allows us to develop’s what gives us humility and allows us to learn, to recognize our mistakes grow.

It’s because of them that my brothers and I dedicated our entire lives to law enforcement and public service. This dedication has led me to my decision to run for Sheriff. Although I’ve enjoyed my time in retirement, I miss the opportunity to serve, not just my community, but the very men and women who make up my extended Department. I hope you can see the love I hold for my profession and my family. It’s the same love I hold for my Department and my community. It’s never wavered and it never will.


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