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Updated: Feb 19

In late 2019 some members of the Sheriff's Department pulled some money together to send the current administration, and me, a message. It was time for new leadership. It was a message that I would end up taking to heart.

There’s a reason the Department wants me back. It’s because they know me. They know I’m in it for the right reasons. It’s never been about ego...it’s been about serving...serving my team and my community. It’s about serving my team by getting them the tools and resources they need to do their jobs.

It’s about serving my community by being involved with our non-profits, our churches, and our schools. It’s about being involved with our community through a spirit of giving and volunteerism. It’s about being involved with our schools and helping to mentor our youth. If we can get our kids to just stay in school and graduate they stand a 7 times greater chance of never being arrested. That’s real crime prevention, and shouldn’t that be the real concern of your Sheriff?

Why does the Department want me back? Because they want a Sheriff who cares more about them than his own political aspirations. They want a Sheriff who is more interested in his own Department than what’s happening in other departments around the country. They want a Sheriff who visits their work stations more often than the White House.

Yes, there’s a reason they want me back...it’s because they know me. They know I’m a man of great character and integrity, and they know I would never do anything to harm my Department or my community.


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